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Project Description
Direct Show player wich can be used as ActiveX object. This ActiveX object should support hosting on web pages and stand alone applications. We should support IE7+ browsers.

Project Specification

  • AcitveX object can be written by using ATL or MFC technology.
  • The media player core should be writting by using DirectShow technology.
  • Host stand alone application can be written by using any platform. But using native platforms as MFC and QT more recomended.
  • The code in the project should be covered by the unit tests. Use one of the testing framework: Boost testing framework , Google C++ Testing Framework
  • The project documentation should be present. Development, research and user documentations are the parts of the project.
  • One of the part of project is Power Point presentation wich describe the project usage and main development ideas.

Main projects issues

  • ActiveX GUI
  • Direct show core library
  • Stand alone application GUI
  • Player playlist
  • Documentations
  • Unit test
  • Presentation

Main administrative issues

  • Project development map.
  • Regular commits.
  • Daily reports of all project developers.


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